C.A.R.E. Program


Spot Roof Trouble Before It Spots Your Wallet!

When buying and selling anything in today’s world, people want to be informed and know that they are making a sound decision.

As an industry leader, Aspenmark Roofing & Solar is answering the call with the addition of our C.A.R.E PROGRAM to our long list of services. This is a 100% FREE tool that will provide Property Managers, Building Owners and Investors in Commercial real estate a level of comfort like never before!

The C.A.R.E PROGRAM is an intensive 55-Point Inspection with a comprehensive report prepared for the exclusive use of the Property Manager/Building Owner to break down the roof system and focus on any problematic areas.

In turn, this will provide the knowledge and information needed to make an educated decision for the betterment of their property.

When listing an inspected property, you will give your clients a piece of mind knowing that your property (s) have been thoroughly inspected, have been properly maintained, and have the backing of one of the largest Commercial Roofing Contractors in Dallas on your side!

Our 55-Point Inspection will audit every aspect of your roofing system including:

  •  Interior Roof Decking and Ceilings - Check for signs of deterioration.
  •  Interior Walls - Check for signs of leaks.
  •  Roof Edges, Fascia and Coping- Check for proper attachment and rusted metal.
  •  Expansion Joints - Check for signs of excessive movement, leaks and deterioration.
  •  Roof Penetrations - Check all pipes, pitch pans and pipe boots.
  •  Field of Roof - Check for any damages or deficiencies.
  •  Base Flashing - Inspect all HVAC curb flashings and all wall flashings.
  •  Drainage Systems - Check for proper installation of drains, inspect for water flow
        obstructions or clogs and signs of wear.


Benefits for Property Owners:

   · A 100% FREE tool that protects your investment

   · Professional Inspection Report with photos

   · Ability to spot trouble before problems become more costly

   · An opportunity to improve the value & sale-ability of your property


   Benefits for Realtors:

   · A 100% FREE tool that builds client trust

   · A strategic advantage over other Realtors & competitive properties

   · Professional Inspection Report with photos

   · Ability to spot trouble before closing or offer made

   · An opportunity to earn more referrals!

   Download a Sample Report Here!

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