How much time do you spend thinking about your roof? Chances are that unless you’re applying for a mortgage loan or have recently noticed a leak or water stain on your ceiling, it’s not really on your Top Ten List of favorite subjects. With that being said, if you have noticed an issue with your roof, it’s crucial to get the roof repaired or replaced as soon as possible, before it turns into a more serious and more expensive problem.

4 Effects of Not Getting Your Roof Fixed

1. You May Void Insurance Coverage by Waiting

For the most part, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who actually reads the fine print in their home insurance policy. While it’s hardly riveting material, it behooves you to at least know the timeframe you have to file a claim. Consult with your insurance agent on this important factor. Saying that you didn’t know isn’t going to save you if you miss that deadline. Stay informed and act promptly. 2. It may cause additional home damage.

2. The Needed Roof Repair Will Get More Expensive

This is precisely why some people choose to wait before calling for repairs. However, the longer you wait, the higher the likelihood of damage to your attic and your entire ceiling, resulting in more extensive repairs that could have been avoided. From water stains to mold, the extra damage affects both your home’s structure as well as your health. Furthermore, taking care of the additional damage will cost substantially more than if you had repaired or replaced the roof from the get-go.

3. You Could Miss the Season Roof Contractors are More Availbile

Days turn into weeks, which turn into months in a heartbeat. Before you know it, you’re right in the middle of storm season, when contractors are busier than ever taking care of additional service calls. And the last thing you need when a storm is coming is to worry about whether you’ll be able to get your roof repaired or replaced before the storm comes.

4. A Damaged Roof Will Lower Your Home's Resale Value

Most mortgage lenders refuse to approve a loan if the home’s roof is not in good condition; and most homebuyers would be leery to purchase a home at market price if they know they have to repair or replace the roof.

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