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If you're a Multi-Family or Commercial property Owner or Manager and you've had a roof replacement in the last month to one year, reading this article could possibly save you money. If you're considering a roof repair or replacement, this article will shed some light on how to keep roofing costs down and keep your Board and the respective homeowners happy.

You may not have noticed the fine print on most NDL Roofing warranties that require a Preventive Maintenance Plan with annual to semi-annual maintenance to keep from voiding your warranty. To be clear, the maintenance man cleaning the roof or the gutter people removing debris does not satisfy this maintenance requirement. It is a Certified Maintenance Professional like Aspenmark Roofing & Solar, providing you with a comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Plan, protecting your investment and preventing premature roof replacement by increasing the serviceable life of your roof that will qualify to keep your warranty intact.

Let's look at the potential costs if regular ongoing roof maintenance is neglected.

The Hard Numbers

The following is a cost example without a Roof Maintenance Program based on a 20 year old Flat/Low Slope Roof with a 220,000 sq ft roofing system and assuming 4 total sections with section 2 being the chief concern, causing you to reach out to your trusted roofing contractor:
Year 1 ………………………$135,000 
(tear off roof, replace only section #2, more than 20% of the insulation is wet in 6 different areas ranging from 30 to 120 sq ft in size)

Year 2……………………….$0 
(false appearance of saving money by not having a Preventive Maintenance plan in place…moisture continues to spread in other roof areas, unbeknownst to homeowners, since the leak has not reached the ceilings inside the homes)

Nothing is done, however wet insulation increases in roof section 1 & 3

Year 3 ………..……….$135,000
 (complete tear off and re-roof for roof section #1)

Year 4 …………………..$180,000 
(complete tear off and re-roof for roof section #3, however the delay incurred a higher cost since now the decking has moisture and per city code in some areas, if 1/3 of the decking is moist, ALL decking must be replaced.)

Year 5 ………………….$20,000
 (Major replacement and repairs for misc areas)

The five year total without preventative maintenance: $470,000 according to Chuck Marvin, founder of Roof Solutions Inc. To his credit he designed roofing systems for 47 New York Skyscrapers & assisted in re-roofing projects around the perimeter of Ground Zero in 2001.

We have learned the economic benefits of spending money to make money, or in some cases to save money! Remember your last oil change? Why did you change the oil when there’s nothing wrong with your car? You might not realize it, but you were being proactive in asset management with preventative maintenance!

Now, let’s take that into consideration with the property you manage, whereby the owner(s) are counting on you to keep expenses down so that they may continue to enjoy their homes without the added worry of unexpected and costly expenses, such as a premature roof replacement.

In the given example for a low slope, or flat roof, had the property Manager presented to the Board a *$0.19 per sq ft /per year cost for roofing maintenance, the roof may have lasted its full life-cycle, rather than needing to be replaced early and having to implement an unusually high special assessment.

*Cost based on 4000 sq ft low slope roof or larger (TPO, Modified Bitumen, Built Up, etc); for preventative maintenance plan pricing for less than 4000 sq ft of low slope roofing area or for steep slope roofs (Shingles, Tile, Slate, etc), consult Aspenmark Roofing & Solar for pricing.

The Bottom Line

How many thousands of dollars are truly being saved by only reacting to a roof concern when a homeowner sees a leak, evident by a ceiling stain? The answer is quite the opposite; reactive maintenance is costing more money than preventative maintenance. Also, keep in mind, those minor roof repairs you’re putting on the back burner while managing other property maintenance needs, could dig a big hole in your budget.

How? Exposed underlying materials from even the smallest TPO tear or uneven ballust distribution can be a haven for moisture. Wet insulation does not insulate well and can result in substantial wasted energy costs. Small areas of the roof that suffer damage, according to a study conducted by Dennis Firman, an experienced U.S. Air Force roofing professional, documented that areas of a roof with wet insulation can increase by 20% or more in only 8 months, potentially turning what could have been a small repair into a major re-roofing project.

Chances are in the last few months, you probably bought an oil change for your car and did not buy a new engine…preventative maintenance for low slope roofs is the oil change!

A Final Word

Preventative Maintenance Program Advantages:

- Identifies minor problems before severe damage occurs
- Protects a building owner’s investment
- Increases the service life of the roof by as much as 50%
- Validates the warranty
- Increases property value
- Roof maintenance programs may be tax deductible (consult your tax attorney or CPA)

Now that you understand the importance of roof maintenance, please Click Here to send a request for your FREE Roof Assessment from Aspenmark Roofing & Solar so we can help you spot trouble before trouble spots your wallet!

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