Home ownership is part of the American dream. You get to have an asset to call your own. It’s your safe haven. It’s where most of your family memories are created. It also comes with a long list of responsibilities; among them: roof maintenance.

Keeping a roof in good condition is essential for many reasons: Protection from the elements, energy efficiency, adequate insulation, preventing leaks, and ensuring your home’s curb appeal and resale value.

How do you know when you need to replace your roof? And if you do, what can you expect during the process?


There are several telltale signs that a roof needs to be replaced. Keep an eye out for the following warnings:

1. Sunlight filters through

You’ll be able to check this by going up into the attic and inspecting the entire inside portion of your roof. Bring a flashlight with you to spot any signs of water leaks or marks along the walls.

2. Missing or damaged shingles

While some of the shingles are visible from the ground, use a ladder to get up close, or hire roofers to do some maintenance. If the shingles are cracked, coming loose, or some of them are missing, that’s an indication that it may be at the end of its lifespan.

3. The roof is sagging

A sagging roof is a sign of rotting framework and/or water damage. It could also mean that the ceiling joists have pulled apart. If this happens, you may also see cracks along the walls.

4. Moss or mold growth

Moss deteriorates the materials in your roof and it can significantly shorten its lifespan. It can also lift the shingles, allowing water to seep in. As a result, wood framing rots and you may even end up with indoor leaks. You can remove moss when you see it, but if you haven’t been providing your roof with regular maintenance, the damage may have already been done and you may need to replace it.

5. Your roof is at least 20 years old

The standard lifespan of a roof is 20 to 30 years, depending on the roofing materials. Keep in mind that extreme weather conditions can shorten this time frame.


Before we get to the nitty-gritty of roof replacement, always make sure that the contractor you hire is insured, has a list of good references, and has along standing reputation for quality work. Once you’ve made a determination about which contractor to hire, you can expect the following from your roof replacement:

1. Initial visit

A roofing contractor will visit your home and inspect the roof in order to provide you with an estimate of replacement costs. This estimate will itemize the damaged portions of the roof, as well as a completion date.

2. Additional costs

While the initial estimate is helpful, you should also inquire about whether the cost includes cleanup and removal of debris afterward; as well as any additional damage that may be discovered once the roof is removed. You want to make sure every detail of the project is included in your quote.

3. A lot of activity around your home

You’ll have people walking on your roof, in your backyard, and around your home. There will be roofing materials scattered about, including sharp nails and a dumpster on your driveway. So park your cars down the street, and if you have pets or small children, make sure they stay inside while the project is underway.

4. The project could take several days

The duration of the work will depend on weather conditions as well as the size of your home. Typically, replacing a roof could take anywhere between two to five days.

5. Cleanup

Thankfully, once the new roof is installed, the contractors will remove old roofing material and debris that collected around your home.

6. Final Inspection

This is important not only to ensure that the work was done well but to also verify that it complies with all local regulations.


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