Mirror, Mirror On The Wall - Which Warranty Will Fix This All?


The Warranty Factor

In this week’s Aspenmark Dallas roofing blog post, we’re going to tackle a misconception held by many homeowners surrounding roof warranties and what they cover - in the event they experience weather-related damage. As a Dallas roofing contractor it’s a question that comes up quite bit, so we thought we'd take an opportunity to provide some answers.

The Question Is?

So, let’s say you’ve had a weather-related incident, be it wind or hail. Which warranty covers your roof? Is it the manufacturer’s warranty for defects or the contractor’s warranty for workmanship?

The answer is……neither

Your warranty is irrelevant since a weather event has damaged your roof/property. The insurance carrier insures the risk and payout when a qualifying event happens and the covered risk is damaged. In fact, hail and strong winds (typically 60mph or higher) void most standard or basic warranties. Hence the reason why you need an insurance policy that can pay for that type of damage.

Navigating The Waters

So, if you experience weather-related damage to your roof in the future, you’ll know it’s time to call a certified Dallas or Fort Worth-area roofing contractor and have them perform a free inspection to help determine if you should file a claim. The claims process can be tricky if you’ve never been through it before, so ensure you pick a contractor that has experience helping homeowners in that arena as well.

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