Making Your Homeowners Policy Work For You!


In the first installment of our Agent Spotlight, we welcome the sage insights from the experts at Jason Ruiz Insurance. A Plano-based State Farm agency, Jason Ruiz Insurance helps shed some light on how homeowners can make their policy work for them and be better prepared in the event they need to call on the protection it offers!

There are many ways in which your homeowners policy protects you and helps you avoid financial pitfall when disaster strikes. While it can at times seem overwhelming understanding the nitty-gritty of your policy, having a calm and knowledgeable insurance agent who can guide you through your questions can make a world of difference!

Know Your Coverage Before You Need It

When you’re faced with a loss or damage to your home, typically you’re not focused on your premium, rather you want to know whether whatever event just took place is something you can afford to correct. You want your house back to the way it was!

Having a proactive and on-going conversation around your home coverage is a great way to feel more at ease in such situations. Another way to have peace of mind in what is often a stressful time is knowing exactly who’s going to be on your team to help you through it - from your agent’s office to the team completing the repairs on site. When you create an open line of communication, you learn ways to uncover and protect against risks you may otherwise not realize.

One of the biggest threats to homes in North Texas seems to be the weather’s impact to roofs. Not only hail, but strong winds that can take a toll on your home’s exterior.

How Do I know If I Need A New Roof?

Of course, water leaking inside your home is one sure sign that the roof isn’t holding up, but there are less subtle signs that can be a indication that you may want to take action before the potential damage is more severe.

Outside your home, you can look for shingles that are missing, curling, blistering, broken or cracked as well as observing gutters and downspouts for excessive granular loss. Keep an eye out for any tree branches that may need trimmed and any debris that may hinder the natural clearing of the gutter system.

Inside your home, ensure roof vents are free of obstruction, especially when storing items in the attic. Make sure that your attic floor is properly insulated to prevent gaps where heated or air-conditioned air might escape. Remember the old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”! When you notice any signs that you may need to repair or replace your home’s roof, it’s helpful to get a free estimate from a reliable professional.

The Devil Is In The Details, Trust An Expert

If you need to consider filing a claim on your homeowner’s policy, you want an expert who understands the process. You will need an estimate for the work, and then an insurance adjuster will need to review the damage and estimate and come to an agreement with your contractors on the work to be covered. You should have a clear understanding of your cost up front, including your deductible, which is your financial obligation in the case of an insurance claim.

If you are considering updating your shingles, you want to ensure that the work is not only documented correctly but also that your insurance company recognizes the shingles you choose (after all, a discount could be involved!) At the end of the day, taking preventative measures, keeping open communication and working with reliable, vetted professionals can help you to protect your home, navigate the unexpected and more quickly return to your own sense of normal.

Like a good neighbor, we are here to help!

About Jason Ruiz Insurance

Jason Ruiz opened his State Farm Agency in January 2017 and is engaged in making valuable relationships that enhance and humanize the insurance process. Having spent years not understanding insurance or even knowing his insurance agent, Jason set out to provide his customers a better experience and foster a meaningful and helpful relationship with them. Developing these relationships is at the core of what Jason Ruiz Insurance provides on a daily basis and we love being a part of this community! Jason Ruiz Insurance is proud to be an active member of the community, the Plano Chamber of Commerce (Rookie of the Year 2018) and various local philanthropies including the Collin County American Heart Association and Collin County Texas Tech Alumni Association.

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