Your home’s curb appeal can have a large effect on the appearance and resale value of your home. Though many look to paint color, window treatments, siding and landscaping to make an impression on passersby, a home’s roof also plays a significant role in creating an aesthetically pleasing house. It may often be overlooked, but re-roofing could completely transform the appearance of your home, increase your equity and provide renewed peace of mind.


Before you ever pick up the phone to call a contractor, you’ll need to determine your roofing goals. Is your roof old and you’d like to update it with new shingles? What sort of appearance are you envisioning? Do your research on roofing material options and styles to decide which would work best with your particular home style. Keep in mind what your neighborhood looks like and the type of climate in which you live, as certain roofing materials may lend themselves to particular weather conditions or neighborhood aesthetics. Take photographs of the home from all sides to help you make a decision. If you aren’t quite sure which type of roofing material would work best, consult a roofing professional.

Roofing Material Options

Aspenmark Roofing & Solar provides an array of different roofing materials that can drastically change the appearance of your home. As a GAF Master Elite Contractor we have access to some of the highest quality materials in the industry, and the proven installation excellence to provide unparalleled roofing results regardless of the material you ultimately choose.

Architectural/Dimensional Shingles are great for most homes. If you have HOA requirements regarding the roofing material you install on your home it’s likely they will dictate the use of these classic “asphalt” style shingles. Not all architectural shingles are made equal, and it pays to go with a trusted brand such as GAF. We offer an array of color and style options. You may be surprised at how uniquely striking some of our architectural shingles can be.

Some of these are also available in impact-resistant variants, which can help protect your Dallas area home from our sometimes vicious hail storms.

Our roofing experts also excel at installing tile and slate roofs, as well as their impact-resistant variants. If you are looking for a quality roof that adds elegant, classic character to your home, tile or slate may be the ideal option for you.

Metal roofing, often associated with commercial roofing projects, is gaining popularity as a residential roofing option. Ask to see some of our residential metal roofing samples. We think you’ll be impressed with how attractive this roofing material can look on your roof. Plus the benefits of metal roofing are unparalleled. From exceptional insulation value to its natural fire retardant properties and long life, metal roofing can be an exceptional home roofing option if it fits your aesthetic tastes.


Not every roofing company can install the diverse material options available through Aspenmark Roofing & Solar. Luckily, Dallas residents can enjoy the highest quality of service from our local roofing experts. Every homeowner will receive a thorough consultation before the project begins and service customized to fit their goals throughout the process.

Transform your home’s appeal with a new roof that can provide more efficient weather resistance, improved aesthetics and peace of mind knowing you have a quality roof you won’t need to worry about replacing for years to come. Increase your equity and improve your home’s curb appeal today! Contact us online or call 214-823-7663 to request a free quote on your re-roofing job!