Finding a good contractor to handle your Dallas roof repair or replacement can be a daunting task. After all, it’s not something homeowners really have to deal with very often. So, how do you identify the really good contractors, those who will be there before, during , and after the job is complete? A contractor who cares about their customers and will deliver ‘the goods’ on what can be a sizable monetary investment?

There are the obvious signs, such as their ratings with the Better Business Bureau, length of time they’ve been in business, or customer testimonials. But there are other, more subtle signs that can often be as- or more- telling than the usual due diligence suspects.

Here are a few of these more subtle signs:

The Contractor Roofs Year Round

A contractor that runs their business year round, regardless of storms, is making the investment in building a stable, sustainable business that will live well beyond the next storm. This also means they are established and will be there for customers once the job is done, and for years to come.

They’re Happy To Answer Questions

In fact, they welcome your questions and are eager to provide the necessary information to help a customer make an informed decision. This shows they have confidence in their ability to perform well while demonstrating a level of transparency not common place in the roofing industry.

They Encourage You To Call Their Customer, Insurance, and Supplier References

Again, we’re talking about transparency here, but this strikes at the heart of how healthy their roofing business is, as well as the contractor’s ability to ‘stick around’ once the job is done. Openly disclosing their insurance coverage, for example, shows a level of ethical integrity that you wont find amongst fly-by-night contractors.

They Take Thorough Pictures (or Video) of the Roof

It’s amazing to think that many contractors never even get on a homeowner’s roof. They ‘eyeball’ the damage from a distance and then base their estimate off of this hap-hazard assessment. A roofing contractor that provides comprehensive photos - or even videos - then shares them with the customer is likely far more thorough, and thus reputable, than other contractors.


In the end it always pays to perform due diligence to find a contractor before you actually need one. By marrying the usual criteria alongside some of the more subtle indicators in assessing the professionalism of contractor will go a long way to ensure you find your trusted roofing advisor!

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