1. Look For Obvious Signs of Disrepair

Now that it’s summer and your roof is more visible, look for missing shingles or damaged areas on the flashing. Note anything that doesn’t look like a healthy roof.

Catching problems early is key to preventing bigger, more costly repairs down the road. Big repairs not only hurt your pocketbook but can affect the interior of your home as well. One leak can lead to major internal damage that may create a cascading effect, causing other damage.

Hire a professional roofing contractor to come out for a roof inspection.

2. Gutters and Drains and Downspouts, Oh My!

Keeping your gutters and drains clear is one of the most important things you can do for your roof. Many people clean them out during the fall because it seems the most obvious time to do so, given leaf debris, etc. However, things can get stuck in there year-round.

Gutters and drains help to direct the flow of water away from your roof and home. If this flow becomes blocked, it won’t divert water efficiently and could create a blockage.

The blockage of water flow in your gutters and drains can cause many different issues for your roof. Blockage on your systems can cause standing or pooling water on your roof, causing damage to decking as well as your attic.

Though drains may not seem like a big part of your summer roof maintenance planning, dismissing “gutter health” can have serious consequences if left unchecked. Another great way to spot problems is by looking for shingle granules in your drains. This is a sign that your roof might need some love!

3. Fear The Fungus

When doing summer roof maintenance, look for potentially dangerous fungus, algae, or mold. Not only is mold detrimental to your roof, it could also be dangerous to the people living in the house as it begins to penetrate the roof or walls of your dwelling.

You should not attempt to remove mold from your attic on your own. Hire a professional who can remove the mold from your attic with appropriate safety equipment, as inhaling mold holds many health risks.

4. Trim Those Trees!

When you’re performing your summer roof maintenance, consider the trees surrounding your property, and specifically your roof. Trim back any overhanging tree limbs or branches as they can be not only dangerous.

Unkempt tree limbs can destroy your roof over time through consistent granule loss. Unhealthy trees are always a risk during big storms as well. The less debris on your roof, the better!

5. Ventilation Matters

Ventilation is a critical factor in keeping your roof in good condition and prolonging its effectiveness. Take a look at your monthly utility bill. If there have been any major “spikes” or changes to your bill outside of normal seasonal changes, it may mean your ventilation system is out of balance.

Again, if you can spot ventilation issues when they are smaller, you can remedy them before they create a more serious problem with your roof.

Curled, brittle shingles are a sure sign that your ventilation system is not performing as it should. If you recognize this characteristic on your roof, call a professional roofing contractor and have them perform a ventilation assessment!

A Final Word

Your roof may not be the first thing on your mind this summer, but it’s critical to make summer roof maintenance a priority. In fact, seasonal roof maintenance is important all your round. Your roof may look “okay” with the naked eye, but it’s not uncommon that, after closer inspection, you find issues that need repairing.

Spotting issues in the early stages will benefit both your property and your wallet!

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