Dallas TX Roof Repair Experts Talk Supplements


As a Dallas, TX roofing repair expert, one of the more common questions we’re asked by Homeowners has to do with Supplements (like, what are they?) Today, we not only define a Supplement, but also discuss it’s benefits to you, the Homeowner.

So. . . . What is a Supplement?

Simply put, a Supplement is a request made by the expert Dallas roofing contractor to the insurance carrier for additional funds for items that were missing on the original claim. So, let’s say we get on your roof and begin tearing it off to re-roof and we discover that there is valley metal that wasn’t originally included in the scope of work.

(gasp) What do we do NOW? (bite finger nails)

No problem! At that point we would document the valley metal (take photos etc) and send the documentation to the insurance carrier along with a request for additional monies to replace said valley metal.

If you hear an expert Dallas roof repair or replacement contractor ‘talking supplements’ that’s exactly what it is, a request for additional funds from the insurance carrier to help restore your roof to pre-loss condition.

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