In part three of our on-going Storm Preparation series, we tackle the topic of finding and getting to know your Dallas roofing contractor. The Dallas roof replacement process can be stressful enough without the added headache of wondering whether you’ve made the right choice when it comes to the contractor that finally installs your new roof.

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably have a ‘go-to’ person or company you call on when it comes to a plumbing or heating repair. So, why not establish the same relationship with a roofer? If having a trusted advisor that handles your plumbing emergencies gives you peace of mind, you won’t have a care in the world if you take the time to find a trusted roofing advisor!

There are several moving parts in the roofing process and doing your homework before you need a contractor can pay massive dividends and reduce stress levels ten-fold. Here some helpful strategies in the quest to find your trusted roofing advisor:

Check the Better Business Bureau list of A+ rated contractors. This is a mark of excellence, strong ethics, and good business practices - values you want in any company you’d like to become your trusted advisor. The BBB is an excellent starting point.

Research Their On-line Reputation. What does the internet say about them? “Google” roofing companies in your area and key on how many reviews they have, what those reviews say about the company, people, and workmanship they deliver. How about video testimonials from other homeowners? Chances are, if the company has customers willing to rave about their services on camera, they’re usually (but not always) a reputable company.

Look for manufacturer accreditations, awards, and association memberships. Are they a member of the UASRC, NRCA, or a GAF Master Elite Contractor? These are all signs that the company invests in continuing education for its employees and meets the high ethical and workmanship standards these organizations demand of their member companies.

Assess their social media presence. A company that has a strong social media presence and delivers on-going tips to homeowners about caring for their roof, new roofing trends, and other home improvement tips shows they are up to date, cutting-edge and likely to be on top of their game as a whole.

Make some calls, get to know some contractors, find one that fits your value system, and develop a trusted Dallas roofing advisor/homeowner relationship. Just make sure you do it BEFORE you need them! It will have been well worth it, should you find yourself in need of their services come storm season!

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