There’s an old saying: Proper preparation prevents poor performance. If a storm hits, you’ll thank yourself for having properly prepared for this eventuality. The truth is most homeowners don’t think about the resources they might need should their home sustain damage due to a weather event.

In the spirit of proper preparation, we put together a short check list you can use to help mitigate stress and anxiety that comes from dealing with a Dallas roof replacement.

1. Buy a tarp or two so if you sustain damage you’re sure to have something a contractor can use to temporarily cover the damage. You can find these at any local Home Depot or Lowe’s Home Improvement store. Be sure you get a good size - 20’ x 50’ would do the trick.

2. Purchase a generator so if you lose power you’re in good shape. Again, this can be purchased at most local home improvement stores. Consult with one of the store representatives to find the right generator for you.

3. Create a list of key phone numbers that includes your insurance carrier, a trusted roofing contractor, and utility company numbers, such as your gas or electricity provider. This will allow you to move quickly and get to the head of the line if your home is damaged. In a storm restoration scenario, minutes count.

4. Have an exact understanding of your policy deductible so you know what your out-of-pocket costs will be if you need to file a claim to restore your home to pre-loss condition. You’ll want to determine what kind of policy you have (ACV vs RCV) to help run the numbers. Contact your insurance agent for help with this.

5. Develop a relationship with a roofer now, before you need them, so if the time comes that you need to replace your roof, you know you have a qualified contractor in your corner as you go through what can be a stressful process.

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