Many building owners put off repairs of their roof and neglect their roofing system because they think they are saving money, time, effort, or something else. Delaying roof repair has both short and long-term effects that many building owners often don’t consider or don’t think are serious. Let’s have a look at the long-term effects of putting off repairing your roof.



The first negative effect of neglecting your roof is that it will most likely start to leak, and once leaks start they only get worse. Even small amounts of damage in the roof that are noticed, but ignored, can lead to a leaky roofing system.

Leaks don’t plug or fix themselves; they actually expand and allow more water through. If you have a multi-layered roof, you may not see that water is entering the building unless you actually inspect the roof surface itself. The lesson? When you notice problems, handle them immediately. Don’t put leaks or other problems off until it is too late; fix them when you find them!

Increased Energy Costs

Another adverse effect of neglecting your roof is increased energy bills. The same holes that allow water to leak through also let cold air out in the summer and hot air out in the winter. By allowing damage to go unprepared in your roof surface, you could be paying significantly more on your energy bill each month.

Don’t waste money due to unprepared roof damage; repair the areas with holes and take care of two birds with one stone – stop the leaks and stop wasting energy.

Decreased Worker Safety

Imagine this: you hear from one of your employees that they noticed a leak in the roof over the warehouse. They tell you about it in May, but storm season is mostly over and you don’t feel like taking the time or spend the money to fix it. You figure you’ll keep a bucket and mop nearby and mop the floor if needed.

Did you know that one of the effects of roof neglect can be a total roof collapse?

After about two months, you begin to notice that the drops are larger and they are coming down more steadily. The only issue is that it’s now your busy season and you just don’t have time to get to the repair.

Boom! Before you can say “leak repair”, it’s January and you still haven’t repaired that leak. The roof has continued to degrade, yielding new leaks. At this point, you don’t even know if the leaks are compromising the structural integrity of the roof. The first big snowstorm of the year hits, and your roof is far from being in proper condition.

As your roof takes on more and more weight due to the snow, it begins to creak and sag until one morning you come into work and the roof has collapsed. As a result, your business will be shut down for months, you may have to lay off a portion of your workforce, you’re not producing inventory, and most of all - you’re not generating revenue. Just when you can’t afford it the most, you’re spending money when you should be cutting back.

A roof that is holding excess water in its layers, or that has degraded to the point of heavy leaking, is not as structurally sound and puts everyone inside the building in danger - danger the could’ve been prevented with regular inspections.

Decreased Property Value

This sort of speaks for itself. Imagine trying to sell a property that has severe roof neglect. Ain’t gonna happen (or at least, you won’t get your asking price - if you can find a buyer at all.) Good luck trying to explain why those steady drips aren’t a problem to the buyer wanting to sink a huge amount of money into buying your building.

In Conclusion

It’s easy to leave things for another day. When it comes to your roof and its repair (or disrepair), budget monies devoted exclusively to roof maintenance and put a maintenance plan in place. If you need a roof replacement, invest in one - it will pay huge dividends down the road. Regular roof maintenance, or even full replacement, will ensure that you spot trouble before trouble spots your wallet!

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