There are several important stages or steps in any home renovation project and roofing is no different. Assessing the damage or desired change, finding the right contractor who can fulfill your need, and ensuring that you derive value before, during and after the project is complete are all important factors in a successful home improvement endeavor.

Part of ensuring you’re getting the best value for your money is sharing information with contractors that homeowners sometimes view as being at odds with their best interests.

For example, when it comes to roofing, many homeowners feel reticent with sharing their insurance paperwork because they feel it will give the contractor an unfair advantage. If they let the contractor see what the carrier is paying for, they won’t be receiving the best price from the contractor, right? Maybe the contractor will come in below the insurance estimate, right?

Not necessarily.

Here are two key reasons why it benefits you, the homeowner, to share your insurance paperwork.

It gives the contractor the opportunity to compare and contrast

We’re all human and we all make mistakes. Most adjusters are terrific, but sometimes things get missed. By sharing your insurance adjustment paperwork with your contractor, he or she will have the opportunity to act as a secondary set of eyes and compare what is actually on the roof with what is on the adjustment.

If there is damaged that was mistakenly overlooked by the adjuster, a reputable roofing contractor can help remedy the situation through what is known as a ‘supplement’, a request to your carrier to ensure what was missed is paid for. It also allows the contractor to ensure they right kinds of products typically unfamiliar to the homeowner are being applied correctly in the adjustment, including items such as felt, starter, drip edge.

It allows the contractor to ensure your estimate is current

Let’s say there is a hailstorm in May, and you received an estimate from the adjuster immediately following the storm. You decided to wait 4 months to contact a contractor and are shocked to see the prices are so different. With changing market conditions and material fluctuations, the estimates are not going to be ‘apples to apples.’ Sharing your insurance paperwork allows the reputable contractor ensure that you have a current, market-driven, or apples to apples comparison.

In the end, it's about who you're partnered with

In the end, sharing is caring and that applies to roofing as well! Sharing this important information with your contractor is key to ensuring you derive the best possible value, not to mention what you deserve given the damage sustained to your roof. As always, much of getting what you deserve hinges on finding the right roofing contractor to partner with in the first place!

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