One of the most talked about (and written about) topics for homeowners is the importance of choosing the right contractor for your Dallas roof replacement. However, homeowners also need to be cognizant of the type of roof they choose and, specifically, the warranty that goes along with it. It’s one thing to get the right contractor in your corner, it’s another to make sure that you have the peace of mind that goes with installing the right kind of roof, including a comprehensive warranty that will mitigate potential headaches in the future.

The Golden Pledge warranty from GAF, the nation’s largest roofing manufacturer, is a surefire path to gaining the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Here’s why.

A Proven Manufacturer

We mentioned that GAF is the nation’s largest roofing manufacturer, and with that reputation comes the willingness to stand by not only their materials, but also the contractors who install them. The Golden Pledge offers coverage for both materials and workmanship, which means if there’s an issue caused by the quality of installation down the road and, say, the contractor isn’t in business, GAF will fix the problem under the terms of the warranty.

A Proven System

The Golden Pledge isn’t just a commitment on a piece of paper, but rather a fully integrated system of roofing products designed to work in harmony with one another in order to make the system ‘sing’. The Golden Pledge requires the very best products offered by GAF in order to create a durable, protective roof that will last a long, long time. If you experience a covered weather event after installing your Golden Pledge roof, such as a hail storm, you’ll receive a new Golden Pledge to bring you back to pre-loss condition.

A Proven Contractor

While you’ll have confidence and peace of mind knowing you have the best system from the best manufacturer around, you’ll also have the added confidence of knowing that it will be installed correctly. GAF sets high standards for a contractor’s eligibility to install their systems, and the Golden Pledge is no exception. A key mark of excellence is the GAF Master Elite Contractor accreditation. Contractors must go through stringent training each and every year to maintain their GAF Master Elite status. Less than 3% of roofing contractors nationwide fall into this category, and even fewer attain the coveted Triple Excellence Award - awarded for Consumer Excellence, Training Excellence, and Installation Excellence.

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