Your roof is as important as your home’s foundation, and when it’s damaged or needs repairs, the effects can be felt throughout your home. It’s imperative to spot and fix leaks, gaps or holes in your roof to prevent issues from worsening. Here are some ways professionals repair roofs to prevent damage before it occurs, or fix issues before they become worse.

Roof Repair Tips

  • Repair shingle leaks with a new shingle – Notice a leak in your shingle roof? Shingle leaks can be repaired by finding the leak point inside the roof. If the leak is large enough, insert a tiny slip of paper, pencil or another object so you can easily locate it poking through on the outside – try not to make the hole worse than it already is. A new shingle needs to be slid in place and be slightly overlaid by the shingle above it to maintain the pattern and coverage provided by overlapping shingles. Replacing shingles is best left to professionals, as finding the proper shingle that matches your existing shingles and securing it with professional-grade materials to prevent future leaks can be difficult for the average homeowner who doesn’t have the proper equipment on hand. Some homeowners may try to nail replacement shingles in place, which most often results in new, even more damaging leaks.

  • Secure metal flashings with roof cement – Leaks in and near flashing can be fixed by spreading roof cement over thin spots or gaps along the entire flashing joint using a trowel until it’s completely covered. The cap also needs to be checked to see if the mortar holding the cap flashing is crumbling or if the flashing is pulling loose. If so the flashing will need to be re-secured.

  • Clear gutters of foliage and debris regularly – Routinely cleaning gutters ensures gutter spouts remain unobstructed and can filter rainwater easily. This is one job you can likely do yourself, as long as you’re careful about it. Clean gutters with a plastic scoop while wearing work gloves to protect your hands from sharp twigs and branches. Move the ladder along as you clean the length of your gutters – don’t lean over to clean or you may fall off your ladder. Flush your gutters after cleaning out debris to make sure water flows freely – don’t turn up the hose pressure too high, just enough to confirm your gutters can handle a steady flow. It’s essential to clean gutters during the fall and winter months and just before storm season.



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