This week we’re dipping back into the Mailbag for some correspondence from homeowners who have questions about the roofing process. With the recent storms, many homeowners are experiencing the roof replacement process for the first time. Justin from Dallas wrote to us about the all-too-common (illegal) practice of shaving money off deductibles.

Here is the e-mail exchange with our very own VP of Operations, Paula Felix:

From: Justin B.
Sent: Tuesday, April 5, 2016 3:03 PM
To: Mailbag ARS <>
Subject: roof replacement estimate + deductible assistance

Good afternoon. In the hailstorm 2 weeks ago, our roof sustained damage sufficient to require total replacement per our AAA adjuster.

We were devastated to discover that our deductible is $7,740! We have been told by a number of individuals (including an insurance adjuster "off the record") that some insurance savvy roofing companies work with folks in our financial situation to help lessen the out of pocket impact.

I was referred to your company by the Best Picks Reports and was further encouraged after reading your stellar record on the BBB website. Are you the kind of company that could help get our roof replaced at an out of pocket cost that won't wipe us out?

Thanks for all your help, and please refer to itemized detail below from our AAA estimate:

Justin B.

As you can surmise from Justin’s e-mail, he and his family are facing a common trend in the insurance realm: higher deductibles alongside unscrupulous roofing contractors ready to play ‘let’s make a deal’ with the deductible portion of the payment.

Here was Paula’s response:

From: Paula Felix
Sent: Tuesday, April 5, 2016 3:51 PM
To: Justin B.
Cc: Mailbag ARS <>
Subject: RE: roof replacement estimate + deductible assistance

Hi Justin,

Thanks for thinking of Aspenmark for your roofing needs, we are an 9 year old company in the Dallas Forth Worth market, do quality work and will be here to stand behind our warranty on your roof. Also, we definitely take pride in our BBB A+ rating and our relationship with the Best Picks contractors book. I hate to see consumers surprised by the 2, 3, and 4% deductible policies the carriers are moving to, definitely a conversation to have with your agent, but I know it doesn’t help right now.

As for your request, deductible assistance (aka “eating deductibles”) is insurance fraud and we don’t participate. I have included a few resources for you to check out. If you change your mind on how you want to proceed with your reroof, please give me a call. We do offer 3rd party financing through Wells Fargo and would love to be your roofer of choice.

Paula attached some valuable Better Business Resources to this e-mail so Justin had some reference points about the illegality of contractors promising ‘no out-of-pocket cost on your roof replacement.’

Here was Justin’s response:

From: Justin B.
Sent: Thursday, April 7, 2016 9:36 AM
To: Paula Felix <>
Cc: Mailbag ARS <>
Subject: RE: roof replacement estimate + deductible assistance

Good morning, and thanks for your prompt and straightforward response. My wife and I are navigating thru this experience for the very first time, and sometimes what we need to know is not necessarily what we think we want to hear.

My wife is insistent that I continue consulting with additional roofing candidates before we make a final decision, but, so far, yours is the response that I have the most trust in. I’m going to continue investigating other options for a few more days, but my gut feeling is that you’ll be hearing from me again next week.

All my best,

Justin B.

If you’re looking to navigate what can be a stressful, anxious process, refer to this article for key questions to ask any roofing contractor. Make sure you perform due diligence to find a solid, reputable contractor who won’t corner you into anything illegal - and who stands behind their work.

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