Aspenmark Roofing & Solar has a saying: “Texas weather never rests, and neither do we!” Established in 2005, Aspenmark Roofing has been never rested in its pursuit of delivering top-notch residential and commercial roof repair and replacement services throughout the Dallas-Forth Worth area.

Aspenmark’s core business values are designed to provide customers with an exceptional experience by delivering quality workmanship on every job. Honesty and integrity are at the heart of who they are and how they do business, and they’re extremely proud of their Better Business Bureau A+ rating and GAF Master Elite Contractor status.

Aspenmark Roof Consultants, Crews, and Technicians arrive in a neat, clean, logo-ed vehicle ready to serve customers the right way. “The success of our business rests on how well we serve for our residential and commercial customers. That begins with ensuring every customer touch meets or exceeds the high ethical and workmanship standards our customers have come to expect from our company. Effectively measuring those standards is essential to our continued success.”- Aspenmark Roofing CEO Chris Zazo.

Aspenmark Roofing relies on PulseM powered by Speetra to measure customer emotion in real time.


Customer experience excellence has always been a critical part of Aspenmark Roofing’s core values. However, prior to PulseM, 100% of the customers were being e-mailed a lengthy, cumbersome, more traditional survey. Results were not reflective of how customers really felt, as participation was very low and there was no way to know whether the feedback customers were providing was truly authentic. Moreover, the per survey cost proved to be quite expensive - especially next to the quantity and quality of feedback it produced.
Aspenmark faced an additional challenge in that the traditional survey sent didn’t really offer an effective insight into how each individual Roof Consultant was measuring up to Aspenmark’s high standards. Finally, Aspenmark desired to boost online reviews in order to further enhance it’s online reputation, a critical need to stay on top in the highly competitive roofing industry.


Aspenmark Roofing partnered with Speetra to deploy their PulseM platform for truly measuring the Voice of Customer. Prior to the Roof Consultant or Roof Technician reaching the home, a photograph, bio and reviews are forwarded to the customer through PulseM. Once the service is complete, a simple satisfaction campaign is forwarded to the customer on their mobile phone. It takes the customer about 30 seconds to respond to the NPS type questions. In addition, they can speak or write their sentiment. "Our customers are far more inclined to write or speak authentic feedback when they know the interaction will only take a matter of seconds, not minutes.” said Paula Felix, Vice President of Operations at Aspenmark Roofing.

PulseM analyzes Data in real time and redirects happy customers to social media sites like Facebook to potentially get a review. Stakeholders within Aspenmark Roofing are also notified in real time if customers are happy or unhappy. These notifications include the audio or text from customers. The same people who were making calls are now much better prepared when they call. Unhappy customers, if any, are attended to right away, but once again with full knowledge of what exactly happened. Resolutions happen in near real time.


Dispatch information offers Aspenmark the ability to notify a customer of the scheduled appointment along with the opportunity of forming a great brand impression with the help of reviews. PulseM’s Dispatch View allows an account admin to send dispatch information to their customers on the day that a Roof Consultant of Technician is scheduled to visit a customer.

The customer receives a TEXT from pulseM including the Roof Consultant or Roof Technician bio.
The information includes the consultant or technician’s name, profile image, license number and key reviews from previous assignments. This feature makes the customer feel more secure knowing who is coming to their door. Sending reviews to customers also makes the consultant or technician more accountable their work and serves as an incentive to do a good job.


PulseM is helping Aspenmark improve their overall social media interaction by driving traffic to the right places for their brand to be more effective.

Aspenmark is able to direct happy customers to the appropriate social media pages for immediate results. In addition to getting automated social media likes and reviews, Aspenmark consultants and technicians are requesting homeowners to text “REVIEW” to the same SMS they received for the technician’s bio and feedback. The homeowner instantly gets an opportunity to give a review on Facebook, Yelp or Google. This simplifies the process of giving reviews for the homeowner and results in more reviews for Aspenmark.


PulseM also offers Aspenmark the ability to showcase customer testimonials and agent reviews on their website. With PulseM’s Review Widget, an account
admin can consolidate a list of pre-screened (approved) reviews and post them to an embedded review widget which is showcased on their website. This review widget can not only showcase reviews received via PulseM platform but can also be used to import comments and reviews from other social media channels such as Google or Facebook.


A powerful dashboard provides a full view of customer satisfaction along with an employee leaderboard. Top employees can now be rewarded through a gamified process and the ones who are not doing so well can be trained. Role based email reports go out to business owners who can review the information while they are on the road.


Customer participation with PulseM is at an all time high. The entire process of obtaining rich data is automated. Social media reviews are being obtained automatically from happy customers. Unhappy customers are being attended to within a minute of receiving the notification. Employee accountability has increased significantly as they can see the top performers and the rewards associated with the performance.

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