So, a big storm sweeps through your area, causing damage to your home and roof. Now you’re on the hunt for the right roofing contractor to help restore your roof to pre-loss condition. Along comes XYZ Roofing Company and the following conversation ensues:

Roofer: “I understand you need a new roof!”

Homeowner (stressed, tired, and anxiously): “Ugh, yes. We had some serious damage that needs to get replaced asap.”

Roofer: “Well, you’ve found the right contractor! How would you like a new roof with no money down, and no out-of-pocket expense?”

Homeowner (surprised): “Huh? Really? Zero cost to me?!”

Roofer: “You bet. We’ll fix your estimate so you don’t pay anything down, you get a new roof. It’s that simple.”

Homeowner: “Well, ok, I guess. Where do I sign?”

Now let’s be honest, the conversation doesn’t go exactly like that - we’ve abridged the conversation to illustrate a point - but the core message is 100% bang on.

Beware: The Storm Chasers
Contractors who invade your neighborhood after a storm often take advantage of a homeowner’s time of strife, offering them a too-good-to-be-true scenario that capitalizes on the their feelings of helplessness and stress with the impending expense (their deductible) from the Dallas roof replacement.

Unfortunately, ‘deductible eating’ it’s all too common a practice. In short, the eating of deductibles with Dallas roof replacement is illegal and punishable by law. As the policyholder, you are responsible for meeting the terms of the policy agreement.

There’s No Free Lunch
The other aspect you should consider in this scenario is that, while you don’t pay out of pocket for your deductible, the contractor is going to make up the dollars they’re eating someplace else - like in the the materials they use on your roof. There may be items or upgrades that the contractor says will be included that never actually get installed on the roof. In most every case, the homeowner rarely gets the roof they’ve paid for, giving you the short end of the stick.

If paying the deductible for your roof replacement is going to put you in a cash crunch, which is common, find a reputable contractor that offers financing options that will help spread the burden over time.

Do Your Homework
Also, look for contractors that have a strong online presence with lots of reviews and testimonials that show a strong body of work. Check their references and credentials. Are they a Better Business Bureau A+ member in good standing? What certifications do they hold, such as GAF Master Elite status? Ask questions. This will ensure you do business with a roofing company that has your best interests at heart.

In short, stay away from doing business with contractors who are willing to play the deductible game. It’s very likely they’re unethical in most aspects of their business practices and you deserve better, and so does your roof!

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