Characteristics of a Good Commercial Roofing Contractor

Commercial roofing projects can present unique challenges when compared to a residential roofing project. And by ‘unique challenges’, we mean headaches. There are inspections and regulations required, a business to conduct, and tenants to please. You can’t just put everything on hold. Pile on the unique hurdles the Dallas area presents, such as high temperatures and occasional inclement weather, and the challenges (see: headaches) become larger.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to identify a commercial roofing contractor that can help ease or alleviate as many of these challenges as possible. So, how do you identify who such a contractor?

In short, you should be looking for the following characteristics:

Track Record of Success

Ask for specific references from any contractor who is attempting to earn your business. Get names and phone numbers and vet the contractor based on the experiences and insight gained from calling these former customers.

Review their industry relationships. Are they certified by a major roofing manufacturer, such as GAF? What other industry associations or accreditations do they participate in? And, of course, you’ll want to see if they are A+ rated with your local Better Business Bureau.

Quality Workmanship

Your contractor must not only be committed to delivering to-notch craftsmanship, but have the skills and methods necessary to produce it. Quality comes from training, experience, and the use of good materials throughout every stage of your project.

Are They Professional?

You need someone who will give your project the time and energy it deserves. This means your satisfaction is the contractor’s top priority, regardless of the size of your project. It also stems from their attention to detail. Note how they present themselves and their company. Did they take the time to address your needs thoroughly, both in their personal interaction with you as well as in their proposal?

Have a Plan and Stay on Deadline

You can’t afford delays from poor planning. Work must be completed quickly. Otherwise, it creates a disruption in your ability to carry out vital duties, and it can even lead to further damage to your property. A professional roofing contractor will execute plans promptly in order to create as little disruption in your workplace as possible.

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