With colder temperatures on the horizon, we have one question for you: is your home ready for winter? Specifically, it’s important to ask yourself if your roof will be able to handle the harsher elements that winter can bring, including snow and ice that can cause roof damage. Like any potential hazard, having a plan in place in advance of the winter weather can help make braving the season much easier.

Here are some tips to think about when it comes to preparing your roof for winter:

Make sure your roof is properly installed – Hiring a reputable roofing company ins the first step to ensuring roof installation is correct. A badly installed roof is highly vulnerable to enduring more damage, including the possibility of the roof teaching completely. A reputable contractor will help you choose roofing materials that are sturdy, sustainable, and low maintenance to maximize protection against severe winter weather.

Create a regular maintenance plan – You should always have a comprehensive maintenance plan for you roof. Make sure you’re having your roof inspected before and after expected severe weather, and make repairs as quickly as possible to avoid further damage to your home. Sometimes, spot repairs won’t be enough and the entire roof will need to be replaced. This can be avoided if you follow the steps above and make sure your roof is sturdy and secure.

Inspect your gutters (and drains) – Gutters and drains are a critical part of your roof. They should be checked thoroughly and frequently to ensure they’re correctly draining water away from the roof. Water buildup on a roof during bad weather can cause major damage, including ice dams, and even breakthroughs; all of which can lead to costly roof repairs. Clearing your roof of any standing debris that could make for damage once winds and rains start to really pick up is another key preventative maintenance strategy to help limit possible roof damage.

Storms damage can be costly to roofs. By enacting these few simple steps you can mitigate serious damage that could significantly affect your pocket book! If you’ve experienced storm damage or want to prepare your home for bad weather, contact Aspenmark Roofing today!