As a homeowner, you may find the roofing process daunting - especially if you're going through the process for the first time. To help ease the burden, we put together answers to a few of the more frequently asked questions we tend to hear from homeowners in the field.

Why Do You Need To See My Attic?
To effectively diagnose your roofing system and ensure its longevity it is crucial our contractors inspect your attic for proper ventilation and potential leakage around all your home's protrusions.

Why Choose Aspenmark Roofing & Solar?
Providing quality service to the DFW Area since 2005. GAF Master Elite Contractors since 2009. NRCA Certified. A+ rating with the BBB. Custom tailored solutions for your roofing needs. Take your pick!

Do I Have To Pay My Deductible?

Yes. Paying your deductible is an agreement between you and your carrier when a claim is made. Some Contractors practice absorbing or “eating” the deductible to gain your business and cut costs during the install. Aspenmark does not participate in fraudulent, unethical and/or illegal means in the roofing process.

Can I Finance My Deductible?

Of course you can, and any or all of your roof repairs or replacement if need be. Aspenmark Roofing offers a number of different financing options to help ease the burden. We can make the call together and it takes just a few minutes to find out the amount you are approved for.

What Is A Class 4 Shingle?

A Class 4 or Impact Resistant shingle is a laminated shingle that is designed for hail hit scenarios. It's a thicker product and can handle heavier hail before it becomes damaged, lessening the likelihood that the roof will need to be replaced when small hail hits. It is a lifetime shingle and is preferred by several Insurance carriers when installing a new roof. Some carriers even offer a discount off your premium when an Impact Resistant shingle is installed, but you should check with your insurance carrier to determine if such a discount would apply.

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