Dallas Roofing Experts: An Unorthodox Ray of Light


Skylights may not be common in most homes, but many consumers are turning toward skylights to welcome natural light into their home. Skylights don’t add to your home’s carbon footprint, provide extra light every hour the sun is up and will lower your energy costs by not requiring you to turn on bulb-based lights, making them one of the greenest ways to illuminate your home. However, not all skylights are made the same.

Benefits to Skylights

Skylights make the most of the summer hours, where days are longer and the sun provides more hours of usable light. Energy prices can rise in the summer as it requires more energy to cool rooms within your home, but skylights can help you save by utilizing the extra hours of sunlight summer affords, providing natural light from above and allowing you to turn off electric lights in your home, which in turn stops the natural heating effect caused by electric lighting.

If you’re concerned the rays coming in through the skylight may heat your home, there’s a solution for that as well. Fortunately, energy-efficient skylights exist. You also want to ensure your skylight is watertight as rain and runoff can seep in through open cracks and leak onto you, your furniture and other belongings. It’s best to purchase skylights from trusted manufacturers that are made of the highest quality materials, and maybe most importantly one that your roof and ceiling can support.

Ensure You Use an Expert

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Serving the greater DFW area since 2005, we’re extremely proud of our Better Business Bureau A+ rating and GAF Master Elite Contractor status. When you call Aspenmark you can expect to receive quality workmanship the first time around and experience unparalleled service as you’re walked through the entire process.

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