Now that spring is in full swing, you’re likely enjoying the fresh blooms and warm breezes. However, don’t let your enjoyment of the season distract you from the possibility that new bird nests may soon crop up in your roof and attic.

The Harm of Ignoring the Birds

If you’re an animal lover, you may not want to remove the birds at all. Maybe you feel bad about displacing them from their newfound home, or maybe you’re hoping they’ll move out soon. However, if you look the other way and let the birds roost, you open yourself up to a lot of problems, like:

  • Bird droppings – Not only are they unsightly and a pain to clean, but they are also unsafe to humans. Bird waste carries germs that can cause histoplasmosis, salmonellosis, E. coli infection and cryptococcosis. The acidic content of bird droppings can also damage the paint on your home.

  • Bugs and parasites – No matter how cute they may look, wild birds are prone to carrying parasites and critters. The birds on your roof and in your attic may be bringing mites, fleas, and ticks into your home. You may have to fumigate your house if the infestation becomes serious.

  • More wildlife – Birds are natural prey for many other wild animals. Their presence will only attract predators to your home, especially those looking to target the weaker baby birds.

Remove the Nest

Most birds would prefer to roost in a tree, but unfortunately, their nesting options are increasingly limited as humans continue to tear down trees to build houses and businesses. When this happens, birds relocate to roofs, eaves, and attics to stay high off the ground and protect themselves from predators.

By removing or relocating the nest, you discourage birds from returning to the place they thought was safe. Make sure to use gloves if handling the nest by hand, and wash your hands immediately after disposing of the nest. Bird nests can be just as germ-ridden as bird droppings and feathers.

Trap the Bird

If you can manage to remove the nest when the bird is away, this step may not be necessary. However, if you’ve got a homebody on your hands, you can purchase a cage and lure the bird in with birdseed. When the bird goes to eat, the cage will close, trapping them. Safely relocate the bird outside and release them.

Many homeowners are uncomfortable handling birds in this way. If that’s the case, you can always call animal control to help you.

Set Up Physical Barriers

Now that the bird is outside your home, you want to prevent them from returning. In most cases, birds enter homes through damaged areas like broken windows or holes in the roof. You will need to close any openings to ensure no more pesky critters squeeze inside.

The best solution is to patch any holes in the roof or replace any broken window panes. If that is too expensive or time-consuming, you can also purchase mesh netting or chicken wire to lay over the gaps so birds are unable to enter.

Use Deterrents

Even without a nest, birds can be a nuisance when an entire flock perches on your home. Prevent birds from getting too comfortable on your roof by setting up one or more deterrents, such as:

  • Bird spikes – Available in both plastic and metal varieties, these spikes stick up to discourage birds from roosting on signs, window sills, gutters, and the edges of your roof.

  • Repellent Gels and Sprays – These effectively dissuade birds from perching by making the roof tacky to the touch or otherwise unpleasant to land on. They do not harm the birds.

Stop Feeding the Birds

Oftentimes, birds are attracted to your home because they can find an easy source of food there. If you are in the habit of feeding birds in your yard, stop! You are just inviting your feathered friends to mooch off of you and wreak havoc on your home.

Roof Repair in Dallas/Fort Worth

If you can’t find the birds’ point of entry or you’re simply unsure how to repair your roof to keep the birds out, consider contacting a roofing professional as soon as possible. Leaving your roof and attic exposed to wildlife will cause more headaches down the road than making a simple repair now.

At Aspenmark Roofing & Solar, our team can handle any residential or commercial roof repair. We also offer regular inspections and maintenance so this problem never sneaks up on you again!

We’ve received a GAF Master Elite Contractor certification and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, so you know you’re getting quality work from our roofers. Call us at (214) 823-7663 or contact us online to schedule your repair or maintenance today!

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