As a homeowner, how do you distinguish between fact and fiction? There are lots of different approaches taken by contractors when discussing Dallas roof repair or replacement. It’s important that every homeowner is informed about what is reality and what might be, say myth. Today, we bust three common myths floating around in the roofing industry.

Myth #1: I have to get three estimates before moving forward with my Dallas roof replacement.

The Reality: We hear that a lot, not only from homeowners, but also from the insurance companies themselves. The reality is you get to choose the contractor you want to work with. Getting three estimates takes up a lot of extra time and really serves to benefit the insurance company (who is looking to pay out the lowest amount). Remember, your out-of-pocket expense is the same - your deductible.

Myth #2: I should wait until storm season is over to get my roof replaced.

The Reality: You don’t want to wait for high winds or rainfall to exacerbate the problems with your roof. What if there isn’t another storm and you’re waiting, waiting, nay, hoping that you can endure the leaks or outright damage? If you're going to take any time with the process, makes sure it’s focused on finding the right kind of contractor.

Myth#3: All hail is created equal

The Reality: Not necessarily. The National Weather Service classifies 1” hail as severe. Pea size hail can do some damage to plants etc, 1” hail is where it starts to get severe and damaging to your roof. Investing in Class IV Impact (IR) shingles can help you weather the 1” hail better than most standard shingles.

Final Thought: Your best defense against damaging weather is to develop a relationship with a roofing contractor BEFORE a storm hits! For a video version of this post, click here.

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