Not only are we Dallas roof repair experts, we're also Dallas roof replacement exerts! Today we want to talk about the basic components that make up your Dallas roofing system (note: it is a system, not just a bunch of shingles nailed down to your roof!) If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve seldom (if ever) been up on your roof. It’s certainly not considered one of the sexier home improvement projects, but ensuring you understand what goes into a roofing system can help you make the right decisions when the time comes to have it replaced.

Decking- The Foundation:

The first component of your Dallas roofing system is your decking, or ‘sheathing’. This can be OSB or some type of plywood that goes on top of your roofing structure. Decking is really your last line of defense before water penetrates the house.

Ice and Water Shield:

This is a waterproof product that is placed over the decking and along the valleys and penetrations of the roof, preventing leaks in the hard to reach areas. To see just how watertight this product is, take a look at The Leak Test video!

Starter Strip:

This is adhered around all of the rakes and eaves of your home and is designed to prevent ‘blow-offs’ - where wind gets underneath your shingle field and dislodges groups of shingles.

Underlayment (or Felt)

This is placed over the decking and serves to create a leak resistant barrier between the shingles and the decking. This is your line of defense from moisture penetrating the wood and rotting out the decking. Underlayment comes in a variety of types, the most common is synthetic. Check out how durable the synthetic underlayment is by watch The Tear Test video!

Shingles (Finally, right?!)

Shingles are placed over the underlayment with the field going down first, then your hip ridge applied last. Today, there are all kinds of different shingle styles to choose from. You can visit GAF’s Virtual Home Remodeler to find out what different shingles look like of on your roof!

If you’d like to view a video version of this blog post, click here!

And remember, when you're looking for a reputable Dallas roof replacement professional, make sure you check references, look online for reviews and testimonials, and never part with money upfront to ensure you get the roof you deserve!

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