11 Steps To Ease The Stress of Your Next Dallas Roofing Project


Even at the best of times, dealing with a large home renovation project is a daunting task. The last thing you need is a lot of extra headaches brought on from relying on professional help, that’s, well, less than professional. Plainly put, placing your Dallas roofing project in the hands of the wrong contractor isn’t just stressful, but also costly. It’s sad and frustrating to see so many property owners receive poor quality roofing jobs from non-local, storm-chasing contractors who blow through the area to make a fast buck, rarely to be heard from again.

You and your family need a Trusted Roofing Advisor, not just a contractor! Luckily, we’ve put together a guide to help you make the right choices when it comes to hiring a contractor. It will help you establish a plan and relieve much of the stress and anxiety associated with Dallas roofing projects of this scope.

Use these 11 tips to ensure your roof repair or replacement is handled the right way the first time by a local, professional roofing contractor:

1. Understand Your Insurance Policy

Do you have an RCV policy or an ACV policy? Do You Know Your Deductible and thus your financial responsibility if you need a roof replacement? Understanding your fiduciary responsibility can help you plan for a deductible expense due to storm or hail damage.

2. Find a Contractor Before You Need One

Don’t wait units a storm hits, reduce stress by a factor of TEN through having established a relationship with a trusted roofing advisor in your pocket, ready to help. having a trusted Dallas roofing advisor in your hip pocket will dramatically reduce the stress of dealing with any storm damage.It will also ensure you don't have to deal with door-knocking contractors who may or may not be local.

3. Don’t Just Research A Contractor, Get To Know Them!

Stop by and see them. Have them come out and provide a presentation of their services. Find out who they are and what they represent. Ask for references, check reviews, and research their credentials to ensure they are certified with a major roofing manufacturer, such as GAF. It is also important to understand what financing options a contractor offers so you can fit your deductible cost into your budget.

4. Take an Inventory of Items Around Your Home That Could Sustain Damage

Look around the patio, the pool, the front porch and other exterior areas that could sustain damage in a storm and inventory those items. If a storm hits you can more easily identify the damage items by checking them off your list. This step will also ensure you don't overlook damaged parts of your property. Additionally, create a list of items inside your home in case damage extends to the interior of your dwelling.

5. Have a Plan In Case a Storm Hits

Just like having an evacuation plan in case of fire, have a plan ready with a checklist that will help ease the stress of ‘what to do next’. List all the specific steps you need to take based on the level of damage you see using the 'eye test'. Once a storm hits, you'll have the peace of mind knowing all you have to do is follow the steps in your plan!


A Storm Hits, Now What?

6. Use the Eyeball Test

Step outside and look around. Are there broken car windshields, dents on fences and hail hits on the road? Do you see loose or missing shingles? Do you see damage to your patio furniture of siding on your home? Or is damage difficult to discern with the naked eye? This will help you establish what steps from your Storm Action Plan list you need to execute.

7. If It Looks Super Bad: Call Your Carrier

If you see serious damage with the naked eye, get on the horn with your insurance carrier and GET IN LINE FAST. You don’t want to get stuck at the back of the line for adjuster appointments if it’s a bad storm. Call your contractor afterward and schedule them to be there when the insurance company comes to assess the damage.

8. If You’re Unsure If You Have Damage: Call Your Trusted Roofing Advisor

Not all damage will be evident immediately. However, if you have damage, you’re on the clock to get it reported to your carrier and repaired. Have your trusted roofing advisor come out and perform a free inspection report that will let you know if there is damage and how bad it is - so you can determine whether to file a claim.

9. Ensure you Have Your inventory of Damaged Items Ready for Your Adjuster

Of the items on your original list, identify those that are damaged. Make a note of the damage you can see so it is real and available for your adjuster. Again having this seemingly small detail completed can make a world of difference in speeding up the process.

10. Don’t Wait to Get Damaged Taken Care Of!

Sitting on damage can cause all kinds of costly consequences down the road. Damage sustained as a result of neglect may not be covered by your insurance carrier and force you to pay a whole lot more out of pocket than is necessary. It's simply a headache you don't need and can be avoided by taking action sooner than later. Just like an unrepaired cavity or vehicle check engine light, unrepaired damage is inviting further issues that could skyrocket your out-of-pocket costs later.

11. Inquire About Financing Options

Ask about no money down, same as cash financing to handle expenses such as your deductible and upgrades. This can allow you to improve your roof, such as upgrading to a Class IV Impact Resistant Roofing System, without breaking the bank. As insurance deductibles rise, financing can help spread your financial obligation over several months. Financing options should be a key factor in your decision making about which contractor to choose.

A Final Word

At the end of the day, the quality of work, level of stress, and ultimate satisfaction all hinge on the quality of the Dallas roofing contractor you hire to do the job. Take these steps seriously, put your plan together and enjoy your new roof!

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